Download Digital Voter Card 2023

 Download Digital Voter Card 2023

Download Digital Voter Card 2022 from the Epic Card Portal .On January 25, National Voters’ Day, the e-EPIC (digital Election Photo Identity Card) initiative or Voter Card will be publicly introduced. The e-voter card can be obtained until the end of the month of February.

The deadline for new voters to Download Digital Voter Card 2022 for their e-epic card or e-voter card has been extended till the end of February, according to the Central Election Commission. New voters who have just registered to vote as part of the voter list revision can get their voter registration forms at  and 

Download Digital Voter Card 2022

The individuals who have enlisted to cast a ballot before the 2021 citizens’ rundown will be revised and their PDA number will likewise be enlisted with the Political decision Commission will before long report when they need to download the e-citizen card. The Electronic Electing Photograph Personality Card program has been sent off on January 25 which will permit citizens to download a delicate duplicate of their elector cards from the site of the Political race Commission.

Other personality verifications like the Aadhaar card, Container card, driving permit are now accessible in the advanced configuration. This will be whenever that the public authority first will give citizen character cards in computerized designs Download Digital Voter Card 2022.

Electors can view and print the advanced citizen card on their enrolled versatile. The Political decision Commission of India (ECI) started the program for the comfort of citizens who need not visit administration focuses to gather their Legendary cards any longer Download Digital Voter Card 2022   

The Central Election Commission has decided to collect mobile phone numbers of all voters in the state through which e-voter cards will be issued. A special portal designed for this purpose will be available soon. OTP comes to the voter mobile. It is possible to print an e-voter card by registering on web portal and download Digital Voter Card 2022.

The digitalization of voter-ID cards will have a special significance in the upcoming polls. The Election Commission of India will formally launch the e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) program on January 25, National Voter’s Day.

Epic Card Website 

  • e-EPIC is a non-editable secure versatile report design (PDF) variant of the EPIC and will have a gotten QR code with picture and socioeconomics like chronic number, part number, and so forth. E-EPIC can be downloaded on a versatile or a PC and can be carefully put away. This is notwithstanding actual IDs being given for new enlistment.
  • The e-EPIC drive would be sent off in two stages. In the principal stage from January 25 to 31, all new citizens who have applied for the citizen ID card and enlisted their portable numbers in Structure 6 will actually want to download Digital Voter Card 2022 the e-EPIC by basically validating their versatile number. The portable numbers ought to be novel and not be recently enrolled in the ECI’s constituent rolls.
  • The subsequent stage will begin from February 1. It will be open for the overall electors. Every one of the individuals who have given their portable numbers (connected one) they can likewise download their e-EPIC.
    The postponements, losing cards and not had the option to get the citizen ID cards is an issue that will not be there. Besides, the majority of the ID cards are continuing on the computerized stage.
  • New Electors: Just new citizens who have applied between January 25 and 31 for their elector cards and have enrolled their versatile numbers with the Political race Commission will actually want to download their computerized citizen IDs Download Digital Voter Card 2022.
  • All Electors: From February 1, all citizens will actually want to download their computerized duplicates, assuming their telephone numbers are connected with the Political decision Commission.
  • Electors who don’t have their telephone numbers connected with the Commission should reverify their subtleties with the EC and get their portable number connected to profit of the download include. Computerized elector character cards will be in PDF designs.
  • New electors will likewise get printed versions of their citizen ID cards. The digitisation is to guarantee there is no postpone in getting citizen ID cards before political race. Likewise, computerized cards will help if there should be an occurrence of a deficiency of card, relocation and so forth.
  • Advanced citizen ID cards can be put away on Digilocker. The computerized cards will convey a got QR code with pictures and socioeconomics so that these can’t be copied.
  • e-EPIC can be downloaded through the accompanying internet based joins, nonetheless, the citizen ID card would likewise be shipped off them: Elector Helpline Portable application (Android/iOS) The digitalisation of citizen ID card will have a unique importance in the forthcoming surveys in states.

How to Download Digital Voter Card 2022:

  • First visit the Voter Slip portal by Log on to, or
  • If you do not have an account, then create an account through your mobile number or email ID.
  • If you already have an account, then log in and click on the option of download E-EPIC.
  • The download facility will be available from January 25.

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