Under Water Metro Train In India

Under Water Metro Train: Last Wednesday, the metro train in India made history. After a long wait, India’s first underwater metro train was launched under the Hooghly river. This is the first case in India that a train has completed its journey down the river. In this trial, Hooghly river was crossed in 11.55 minutes. During this time, the General Manager of Metro Train P. Udayakumar Reddy was also present there. On reaching the Howrah metro station, he was worshiped by the official on his arrival. Then rack number MR 613 was taken to Howrah Maidan station.

During this time, General Manager P. Udayakumar Reddy informed that the trial run of Metro from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade will continue for the next 7 months. And after success in this, regular metro train service will be started on this section.

Under Water Metro Train Video

Under Water Metro Train Video - Click Here

The first metro was started in Kolkata

India’s first metro train was started in Calcutta in 1984. Then metro started in Delhi in 2002 and in many other cities. Now one more train is becoming available in Calcutta which will be connected as Under Water Metro Train.

Metro will be run with the help of batteries

The Metro train run between Salt Lake and Howrah successfully passed through the Sealdah and Esplanade tunnels on Wednesday. The train work between Esplanade and Sealdah has not been completed yet. But this track was prepared for trials. In future trains will run normally but from Sealdah to Esplanade will be relayed to public by battery and then it will run normally till Howrah.

Metro work may be completed by December-2023.

At present, the work of the Under Water Metro Train project is going on in full swing and it may take some time to complete this work. According to the information received by the sources, it is hoped that the facility of India’s first metro train of the East-West Metro Corridor project can be completed by December of the year 2023.

This metro will be like Paris and London

India’s first-ever underwater metro train is being compared to the Eurostar, a comparison with Paris and London. The train passes 13 meters below the bottom of the Hooghly river. Lakhs of passengers will be relieved with the start of this train.

How much can the cost of building a tunnel increase?

The cost of building this tunnel can be up to Rs 120 crore per kilometer. Howrah station can be as deep as 33 meters at most. As of now Hodge Khas is the deepest metro station up to 29 meters.

A distance of 520 meters will be completed in 45 seconds

Under Water Metro Train: According to an information, commercial service on this section may start from this year itself. With the commencement of the underwater train service, Howrah will become the deepest metro station in India. Which will be 33 meters below the surface. A distance of 520 meters below the Hooghly river will be covered in just 15 seconds by the metro train. The tunnel built under the river is 32 meters below the water level, and many safety measures have been taken to prevent the flow of water in this tunnel. A concrete mixture made of micro silica and fly ash has been used in this place to stop the flow.

Social media went viral

The video of this achievement of Metro Rail has been shared in the Twitter account of Kolkata Metro Rail. And this video is going viral very fast. In this video you can see how the train passes under the water. People are amazed by this video. And at the same time praising the success of Metro. However, the completion of this project has been slightly delayed due to the accident in the Bow Bazar area of ​​central Kolkata.

This metro train will be similar to London and Paris

India’s first underwater metro train has been compared to the European country, which connects London and Paris. This metro train will pass 13 meters below the bottom of Hooghly river. Lakhs of commuters will get relief by starting this metro. And time will be saved. With this new facility, people will have a different experience of traveling by metro train.

Along with the underwater metro train, the above water metro train will be started in Kerala. Which will be Asia’s first metro train running on water.

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