Chandrayaan 3 Live Landing See Now : Live Landing

Chandrayaan 3 Status: Vikram Lander establishes

Chandrayaan-3's lander is planned to gently land on the Moon around 6:04 pm on August 23, 2023. People can watch the landing live from 5:20 pm on Wednesday. ISRO believes this achievement will spark interest and curiosity in the youth about space exploration

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Chandrayaan-3, the hope of not only the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) but also millions of Indians, is just a day away from its historic lunar landing on August 23, 2023.

When to watch Live 

ISRO shared on August 20 via its official 'X' platform (formerly Twitter), stating Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 is slated to touch down on the Moon at 6:04 PM on Wednesday, August 23.

Live Whatch Chandryaan 3 Landing

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