GSRTC Pass Online: Now ST bus pass at home 2023


GSRTC Pass Online: Now ST bus pass at home 2023

GSRTC Pass Online:ST Concession Pass: ST Student Pass: Gujarat ST Transport has a very large network. AC is now available in Gujarat ST as well. Good bus facilities like Wali Bus, Volvo Bus, Sleeper Bus etc are provided at reasonable prices. GSRTC provides concession pass to its passengers and free travel pass for students. Now both these types of passes can be purchased online at website. Let’s see the information about the cam form to issue this travel pass online.

GSRTC Pass Online

click here

Student Travel Pass

  • First open the official website to apply for travel pass online for students.
  • Click on the first option Student Pass System given in this website
  • Then you will see 3 options.(1)Student 1 to 12 (2)ITI (3)Other
  • Choose the option that applies to you
  • Then the entire pass form will open in front of you. Fill in your requested required details in it. and submit the form
  • Take a printout of your travel pass.
  • GSRTC Pass Form

    • Student Travel Pass: This pass is given to students studying in state schools/colleges for free travel
    • Concession Pass: This pass is for regular passengers of ST. This pass is given to passengers who regularly travel in ST. It allows them to travel for a whole month at a reduced price.

    First, to get these two types of passes, the nearest ST. Had to go to the bus depot in person. But now a new facility has been provided by GSRTC. In which students and passengers can purchase travel pass online from website. Information on what to process to get this pass online is required.

    Passenger Pass Application Form

    For those who travel regularly in ST, now they don’t have to visit the ST depot in person to get the pass, they can get the pass online only on the website. Know the process to get this pass

    • First open the official website to apply for concession travel pass online.
    • Then do your new registration in it
    • Submit the required details as requested
    • No need to enter new details every month. Pass can be renewed from your ID number

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